Have you been breached yet? - Protecting your organization against (inevitable) cyber security breaches

  • Event Date: 22-06-2022

  • Location: Andaz London Liverpool Street - a concept by Hyatt 40 Liverpool St, London

  • Time: Wed, 22 Jun, 08:00

Efficient and reliable access to information is facilitated through cloud and edge computing. It is imperative that technologies are partnered with tools that ensure that this information is maintained as securely as possible.

Ultimate Information security is achieved through managing information and access management, which can be facilitated via solutionssuch as multifactor authentication. But ultimately a zero-trust approach is essential: everyone and everything that tries to access information must be validated at multiple levels.

Zero-trust access can be implemented via a variety of avenues. Traditional static firewalls can be used to prevent unauthorised access to systems. But these are inflexible: they often keep the good out with the bad. Micro-segmentation is a more agile technique that allows variable tagging and adaptable firewall rules that enable security teams to respond flexibly and in real time to changing threats.

Cyber security is never simple and the risks it seeks to manage are constantly evolving. But implementing a zero-trust model and micro-segmentation are increasingly enabling organisations to stay ahead of the hackers. Join us in this discussion of how to prevent and respond to cyber security breaches.

The questions we will explore

During the meeting we will focus on topics such as:

  • How can an organisation power and protect itself online whilst maintaining outstanding customer experience?
  • What are the top facets of 2022’s cyber security strategy?
  • How can your organisation stop a breach before it actually happens?
  • Zero-trust, what is all the fuss about? Is it just another buzz word or is it the answer to today’s optimal robust cyber security strategy?
  • If traditional tools such as static firewall are ineffective at managing access, what other techniques should be adopted?
  • When is microsegmentation important as part of a zero-trust model and how can it be implemented in large organisation or enterprise without having a negative impact on operational efficiency?

Who is invited?

This breakfast meeting is designed for senior decision makers across industry who wish to prevent and respond to cyber security breaches and finesse their cyber security strategy. Delegates will be employed in senior IT, information and operational security, and risk management roles in large (500+ employees) companies in the private and public sectors.

Be one of 10 senior IT security professionals around our breakfast table at the Andaz Hotel in the City of London. For any enquiries, please contact Mergim on 0208 349 6458 or email m.begolli@business-reporter.co.uk

This breakfast briefing is brought to you by Akamai and is suitable only for senior executives as mentioned above. Registrations of junior professionals, consultants, solution providers or other sellers to this market won’t be accepted. To be eligible you must be employed by a corporate legal entity such as a private company: if you are a sole trader or in a partnership other than a legally incorporated partnership, we will be unable to offer you a place.

This breakfast briefing is free of charge to attend. However, if you cancel your attendance less than two weeks before the briefing, you will have to provide a replacement of equal seniority otherwise you will be a subject of £150 cancellation fee. Please also note that when you register we will ask for your corporate email address, which we will share only with the event sponsor(s).