How to Use Command-Line Reference Tools in Linux (apropos, which, whereis, whatis)

Have you wondered how to lookup and reference bash commands natively in the Linux command line? In this video, we show you some tools that self-help your way into mastery! Sometimes you might be looking to perform tasks in Bash but aren’t sure what command to use. Apropos lets you search for a list of commands based on keywords appearing in their man pages. If you do know the command but are not sure what it does, whatis will give you a short, one-line description pulled from the man page. To find the location of a command in the filesystem, both whereis and which will get the job done. The second one is more concise and useful for scripting purposes. Lastly, the info is a command that yields info pages, an alternative to the man pages that gives you the more detailed information. Learning these self-help tools can save time when using the command-line, compared to Googling and reading through blog articles. It’s especially helpful if you’re on a system without Internet connectivity too!

  • Published: 19-01-2022

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