Let's Talk IoT Security - Microsoft

In this fascinating episode, watch how Ofir Barzilay, Principal Engineering Manager for IoT Security, demonstrates a brute force attack (https://aka.ms/iotshow/ascforiot) on a Raspberry Pi IoT device connected to Azure IoT Hub.

  • Published: 27-05-2022

  • Related Category: IoT Security

  • Type of Content: Videos

  • Owner: Microsoft

You will see how Ofir attacks the device to discover its password. Watch how he downloads a payload and infects the device. You will see him gain control over the device, connecting it to his command and control server to fully own it, showing how he can exploit it for crypto mining, DDOS and more. At the end of the demo, Ofir demonstrates how Azure Security Center for IoT has monitored, detected, and reported on the entire attack. He also shows how Azure Security Center for IoT leverages Microsoft Threat Intelligence to flag suspicious devices. Solution builders using Azure IoT security will sleep better after watching this show.

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